Living the life

Good Morning my fresh fruits,

I woke up in the morning and what did I see? My dream, my life. Living the life. When God presents me something, I have to take it and don’t judge it. Just enjoying the gifts of life. My loving parents who support me, a loving sister. Now hopefully I can stay here for a long time in this beautiful apartment. It is giving me so much peace.

For a while I thought, where is this going? I thought I was stuck. But I am so immensely happy now. I am in the state of happiness. And I trust the path of God. I follow him and it will lead me to what I want. It’s the road of honesty, quality and integrity. Perhaps the longest road that is to reach my destination, but it is the most fruitful in the long term.

I let everything go, everything. It is the journey, now I understand. Let’s enjoy and celebrate this day.

I am going out for lunch now with my sister, having some nice hamburgers at Mondrian at Sunset blvd and then I will have some nice Amorino’s Ice cream. And then we’ll see.

The results are not in my control, God has the final say. I can only control my actions and my emotions.

I am so happy that I am following the path of God, I’ve got faith and trust more than ever.

Happy 4th of July! Happy Independence day!

Put yourself first

Good Morning Lovely people!

I woke up in the morning relaxed, very happy at a very happy state and got pulled down from the high in one second.

It’s an art to stay composed, remain calm when someone is panicking.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, live free, sometimes it’s absolutely necessary to just be care free. It’s okay to fake it. Fake it till you make it!

By putting myself first, is the best thing that ever happened to me! Absolutely! It’s necessary.

Forgive fast, very fast. Yes, getting what I want can be a hassle, but I work for it. I do my best and work for it.

It’s so important to put myself first, my health first. Not skipping a work out. It’s absolutely imperative to exercise and take risks.

Work smart, not hard. Live this day, stay true to your character and you shall win! Guaranteed. ;)

Athlete mentality

My lovely Angels,

Thinking like an athlete is keeping my enthousiasm alife. I cannot win every battle, I cannot win every game.

BUT I can strive for it, I’ll raise my game, I’ll do it better. It’s not about winning or losing. I’m participating.

I’m not going amywhere, I’m still in the game, still playing!

Take risks, play, celebrate regardless of any circumstances.


I’m doing something wrong, am I?

I just can’t believe it. I am not going anywhere. I just am stuck. I mean I have tried and persevered but it’s just not going to the directions I want to. Everyone seems to have a green light. How? I really don’t get it.

I am sorry. but what about me? I mean am I doing something wrong? I wanted to devote my time into my film, acting and this stupid health issue arose. Meanwhile everybody seems to flourish and I am being left behind. People are getting deals.

I mean I signed contracts, but nothing is going from the ground. I really don’t get it.

I just don’t understand.

I’m trying and doing it, and someone else comes takes it away so easily….

I must be doing something wrong….


Good evening my sweet doughnuts,

Oef, I’m stuffed. I had a whole chocolate doughnut after Core Power Yoga. Damn, I’m stuffed. Too much! I should have just eaten half of it.

Power Yoga was nice. Men, I shouldn’t have eaten the doughnut. I am just way too stuffed. Anyway, after power yoga, I feel so released. There is a lot of things going on. I am confused, but I just pray to God that I will have clarity.

I hope to wake up early tomorrow. I will in 45 minutes. I will sleep early. There is just a lot going on. Things are absolutely not in my control and is not going the way I want to.

However, this new apartment is so nice! Oh my God, I want this. I just hope I am able to win the case and have this apartment for the same price. I mean, I hope everything will work out fine.

Everyday I just want to give up. Every single day. But every single day, I find something to still try it one more time. Wow, what a serenity, quietness. I now can really enjoy this silence. I just realize that nothing is really ‘mine’ and nothing is really ever under my control. I mean, just when I thought I had things under control, other things started to appear.

However I think I can connect ┬áthe dots in the long run. For now, I can only do my best and see where this journey takes me. I mean I try to take charge, I really do and I see it works bit by bit. But it’s a constant effort. Constant effort on a day to day basis. The key is to balance it.

Just ate 2 pieces of pineapple. I feel much better! Anyway, I hope I get some clarity, I need it!

Love you all, I really hope my short film could be online. I signed a contract, but I don’t know what’s taking them so long. We’ll see. I can only do my best.

Hidden Gem

Good Morning stars,

Wow what a month. Seriously. I woke up, looked at the view and I thought WOW. Because of a mold issue in my apartment, I am relocated at another apartment. And this one is so much nicer! 3th floor, nice carpet, bigger unit.

Because of the mold issue and I heard that the building will be teared down soon, I was looking for a new apartment. Honestly, that wasn’t in my plan. Month of June was supposed to be relaxing, since I booked a nice print job, which in consequence I was able to have spare time. No work for a month. But no, yes, I didn’t have to go to work, but I had to settle things first regarding the apartment.┬áThe mold issue was affecting my health.

It’s something unseen, but if I continued to live there and ignored the symptoms, didn’t stand up for myself, stand up and claim my tenant rights, I wouldn’t be in such a beautiful apartment right now! Having said that I am still arranging a lot of things. I want this apartment, instead my old one. I have to arrange that.

Yes, it all is a hassle, to move, to stand up for yourself, e-mail, organize things. But honestly, the result is great. Sometimes you have to put your mind on zero and go on an automatic pilot.

Because this new apartment where I am relocated to is a hidden gem, it’s a hidden jewel! And I wouldn’t know it, if I wouldn’t stand up for myself. It’s so worth it! No matter how much of a hassle it is, continue, always persevere.

I am still in the process. But I can definitely say in between, this moment is so nice. Finally no noise, peace, great view. Thank you God, Thanks! The challenge, if I can get pass that, I get jewels. That’s how life is, you face challenges and you get rewards.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Life hack

It’s very simple. What would I do if I made it and already achieved what I had to achieve?

Do the things I love. Do it now!

I wanted to work out, didn’t have the time, I made time.

I wanted to dance, I made time.

I wanted to give love and spread joy, I am doing that.

I wanted to be generous and give chocolate to people who were good to me professionally, I did that.

And still going strong. Remember, how much I will give, that’s how much I will get.

I got a lot ;)

Love you all.


Ever since I’ve put my ego aside, life is so easy! So easy. I accept the reality. simple. Who cares what other things, I am happy with what I have. so happy. I am set free.

No expectations, done, live free.

Unconditional love

It’s been 3.5 years since I left Europe. It’s been 10 months since I haven’t talked to you, but let me tell you something:

I have and will never forget you. Every heartbeat belongs to you. I just love you so much. Yes the reality is that I’ve become a better person ever since I let you go. But you are still in my heart. And I just hope that perhaps not in this life time but in an another life time we can be together. I adore you, I admire you. I love you.

I know I should only worship God and put myself first. But I love you so much. Your kiss, your touch, everything about you. I wanted to be your wife.

It’s so sad, that when I declared my love for you, you took it for granted. It’s okay, I was like that too. I was. Now when love comes to me again, I won’t take it for granted.

I will always love you, I am who I am because of you. I am a better person without you. But you were one of the most important person in my life. I thank you for coming in my life. I want to hug you, hug you forever. I love you so much.

I hope one day I can say thank you to you and hug you, kiss your forehead. I respect you, always. Take care my love

How to increase Stamina?

It’s Thursday, 25th of June, basically a whole day off. Doing nothing. Walked in the morning, called my mother and now 6.23pm going to watch inside out.

Around 3pm, I learned 2 dance steps and I was done. Damn, my stamina is low. My mind wants to do it, but my body is saying no. But I want to! I really have to force myself. I used to be a dancer, my stamina was great. So I know I can do it, but I haven’t utilized my body in that way for 3 years! I have to do it, my body is craving for it!

Anyway, I might as well go all the way, and do a guilty pleasure, watching a movie, yeah!!

I will take the time to learn the dance steps, I have to, I want to and I have to force my body. Because it feels so good to dance.

If you have any tips on increasing stamina, please share!

Thank you and enjoy this Thursday!